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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Repetitive Stress Injuries

In addition to sudden, traumatic accidents, work-related injuries can involve strain injuries where the damage occurs after repetitive stress over a period of time. While many people think little of repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, these injuries can have a significant impact on your ability to perform your job, enjoy personal activities and even complete mundane everyday tasks. LOREN B. SIEGEL & ASSOCIATES, LLC can help you obtain workers' compensation benefits that cover treatment for this painful and limiting condition.

Repetitive strain often causes damage to soft tissues, such as muscles, nerves, tendons or ligaments in the back, wrists, hands or other body parts. While not all repetitive stress injuries are sustained at work, there are a number of routine actions that may cause a worker to suffer such an injury at work, such as:

  • Continuously typing or working at a computer
  • Repeatedly lifting equipment, merchandise or boxes
  • Loading or unloading trucks
  • Repeated movements working in an assembly line
  • Other repetitive work activities

Senior Partner Loren B. Siegel has 35 years of legal experience and a vital, thorough understanding of Illinois' complex workers' compensation laws, including the recent changes that affect those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and other hand injuries. We are experienced handling workers' compensation claims involving carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back pain, tendonitis and other repetitive stress injuries and can help you understand your options and your rights.

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