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Illinois Workers' Compensation Lawyers

When you suffer a work-related injury, you need an attorney with the experience and knowledge to effectively navigate Illinois' complex worker's compensation laws and to defend your right to compensation. Firm Founder and Senior Partner Loren B. Siegel has represented the interests of injured workers for 35 years. He possesses the aggressive negotiation and adept litigation skills that are required for successful workers comp claims.

Throughout your worker's compensation claim process, your attorney will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that you receive the best compensation possible for your injuries from:

Illinois Workers Still Have Rights!

Illinois workers have the right to fair and just compensation for accidents and injuries. As aggressive, thorough and experienced workers' compensation attorneys, we can help you recover compensation for lost wages and medical care, even under the new Illinois Workers' Comp laws. Even for what may seem like a minor injury, such as a sprain, these benefits still include:

  • Temporary Disability Benefits
  • Permanent Disability Benefits & Loss of Future Earning Capacity
  • Coverage of Related Current & Future Medical Expenses, including Surgeries, Physical Therapy & Other Medical Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Long-Term Care
  • Medicare Benefits
  • Vocational Rehabilitation, including job training and placement services

Learn about your Illinois Rights!

You May Have Additional Injury Claims!

In addition to protecting your rights to fair and just compensation, consulting an experienced Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury attorney is vital to identifying all at-fault parties. Your work-related injuries may involve more than a workers' compensation claim. Some simple examples include:

  • Delivery and trucking employees injured in an accident while on the job may have a personal injury claim against the other driver's insurance in addition to a worker's compensation claime.
  • Construction and manufacturing workers who are injured at work may have multiple personal injury claims if the equipment they were using proves defective or faulty.

Of course, multiple claims are rarely cut and dry. The attorneys at LOREN B. SIEGEL & ASSOCIATES, LLC have the expertise to identify personal injury liability in addition to a workers' compensation claim—and to manage all claims simultaneously, keeping more money in your pocket.

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Your worker's compensation insurance company is not obligated to inform you that what you say to them can be used to delay, reduce or deny your benefits. We deal directly with your insurance company and its legal team to obtain the best settlement for you case. We even work with the insurance companies that other law firms won't touch! To maximize your Worker's Compensation Benefits, contact Loren B. Siegel & Associates at (312) 236-7555 immediately after suffering a work-related injury! Your first consultation is free, with no obligation—and you don't pay if we don't increase your benefits!