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About Our Chicago Injury Law Firm

The law firm of LOREN B. SIEGEL & ASSOCIATES, LLC is devoted to fighting aggressively for the maximum compensation you deserve. We work hard and do what it takes to help you collect a financial recovery as quickly as possible. With more than 40 years of combined trial experience, we do not hesitate about taking a case to trial, if needed. We are highly skilled negotiators, but when negotiation does not provide the desired result, we will take aggressive action in court. We have the experience, expertise, and resources to aggressively protect and enforce your rights. Our ability to efficiently maneuver through the court system has helped us establish an impressive litigation record on behalf of victims of serious injuries.

Our Team

LOREN SIEGEL & ASSOCIATES, LLC offers an experienced, collaborative team of attorneys, paralegals and law clerks to successfully execute any Personal Injury or Workers' Compensation claim, negotiation or litigation. However, unlike large, impersonal firms, your case is never solely handled by a paralegal or junior associate. No matter the complexity or size of your injury claim, Senior Partner Loren B. Siegel is personally involved in each step of your case, from initial consultation through settlement or verdict.

In addition to Mr. Seigel and Associate Kelly M. Cronin, our team includes:

  • Shanika Ransberry, paralegal
  • Law Clerks:

Client Service

Our firm is dedicated to providing only the highest quality Client Services. When you choose LOREN B. SIEGEL & ASSOCIATES to handle your injury matter, you can be assured of experiencing:

  • Exceptional Communication

    We place a high priority on good client communications. Your telephone calls and e-mails will be returned at our earliest opportunity. We always explain your options to you in plain English, not complicated legal jargon. We deal squarely with our clients. From your initial consultation through the end of your matter, we answer all questions truthfully, even if you may not like the answer. Our opinions are based on 35 years of experience in injury recovery negotiation and litigation.

  • Personal Care & Compassion

    We treat each case with great care. We understand that each file represents an individual—not a collection of paperwork. We strive to handle each case with as much compassion as possible, knowing that our clients have often seeked us out because they need the means to recover from a traumatic injury that has often left them and their families with large medical bills, the loss of income, and emotional turmoil.

  • We Always Place Your Interests & Rights First

    While the majority of claims are settled out of court, our attorneys do not hesitate to litigate a matter in court if our client's rights are being denied or if an insurance company will not settle for what the claim is worth.