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Chicago Product Liability Lawyers

From tainted food and flamable clothing to lead-coated toys and defective machinery and dangerous prescription drug side-effects, countless people are killed or suffer brain injuries, paralysis, spinal injuries or other life-altering effects each year because of hazardous products. If you, a family member or friend has been injured by a defective or dangerous product, call Loren B. Siegel & Associates, LLC at (312) 236-7555 for a Free Case Evaulation.

We not only help determine if you have a case—we can also determine if more than one party is at fault in your product liability case. For instanc, if you have been injured by equipment at work, you may have not only a Workers' Compensation claim but also a Product Liability case against the equipment's manufacturer.

Product Liability cases often involve—but are not limited to—such issues as:

  • Dangerous Pharmaceuticals & Defective Medical Devices
  • Recent examples include cases involving Heparin, Vioxx, Celebrex, Zyprexa, and other drugs that have side effects that have caused death or catastrophic illness or injury. Medical devices, from catheters and crutches to heart valve and knee replacements can also be the subjects of recalls and product liability matters.

  • Toys & Children's Furnishings
  • From lead-tainted toys and lethal magnet sets to unsafe cribs and highchairs, children's toys and furnishings account for a large number of product liability cases each year.

    As of June 28, 2011, new national crib safety standards have gone into effect, banning the manufacturing and sale of drop-side cribs. If you own a drop-sided crib, you are encouraged to replace it. Infants and toddlers have been killed or seriously injured by these cribs.

  • Food & Agricultural Products
  • While food poisoning matters can be difficult cases to prove, the recent regional and national recalls of spinach, tomatoes and other agriculatural products have placed a spotlight on salmonella and other food-related illnesses. If you believe you have become ill due to a food product, either fresh produce or something you have eaten at a restaurant or prepared from items at the grocery, you must be tested within the first 24–48 hours. Furthermore, do not throw away the container or the leftover food. Keep it in the refrigerator yet out of reach of others until you have spoken to your attorney at Loren B. Siegel & Associates, LLC. Without proof of having eaten the product and been made sick, we cannot prove your claim.

  • Poorly Designed Vehicles, Industrial Machines and Other Products
  • Even the most well-maintained machines, vehicles, or other products can cause irreparable harm or even death. In these instances, the design of the product is often at fault. It is the responsibility of all product manufacturers and designers to ensure that their products are neither defective nor inherently dangerous in nature. If you have been involved in an auto accident in which parts or equipment may have malfunctioned, you may have a product liability case in addition to your accident injury claim.

For information on recent recalls, see our Product Recalls on our News & Resources page.

What Do I Do with a Recalled Product?

Each month, multiple food and manufactured products are recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and/or the manufacturer of the hazardous item. Most often these recalls request that consumers return the product to the manufacturer for a refund or a replacement. However, if you believe that you, a family member or friend were injured or sickened by a recalled product, it is imperative that you do not return the product. Instead, store it out of reach of children or any one who may use it by accident until you have consulted with an attorney. If your matter is determined to be a product liability case, the product will be necessary as evidence.

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To maximize your settlement and best protect your interests, contact the product liability attorneys at Loren B. Siegel & Associates. Call (312) 236-7555 after sustaining an injury from any product! Your first consultation is free—and you don't pay if you don't win your case! For your convenience, our personal injury and accident law office is located in downtown Chicago. Flexible appointment times are available.

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