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Our Results

At LOREN B. SIEGEL & ASSOCIATES, LLC we aggressively pursue the maximum to which our clients are entitled for their injuries. With more than 40 years of combined litigation experience, we do not hesitate taking a case to trial if an insurance company refuses to settle for the financial recovery our clients deserve.

As a result of our dedication, our expert understanding of Illinois workers' compensation and personal injury law, and skilled litigation, we have secured and collected significant settlements and jury verdicts on behalf of victims of serious injuries, including:

  • $900,000 settlement for a mentally ill VA Hospital patient who jumped out of a second-story window
  • $850,000 settlement for an auto accident victim who lost a leg below the knee
  • $356,000 recovery for the victim of a fall down an outdoor staircase
  • $300,000 compensation for a car accident resulting in a broken thigh bone
  • $225,000 compensation for nursing home negligence
  • $179,000 for a fire fighter's emotional trauma resulting from not being told of a terrorist drill at a fire station
  • $100,000 for an elbow fractured in a car wreck
  • $100,000 for a pedestrian accident that involved three children
  • $53,000 for a pedestrian injured in a crosswalk
  • $33,000 settlement for injuries caused by police chasing a different vehicle
  • $20,000 (maximum policy limit) for soft tissue injury from accident involving uninsured motorist
  • $18,000 knee injury verdict ($20,000 policy limit involving a substandard insurance company)

These are representative results and do not indicate what your injury could be worth. All injury cases, both personal and work-related, are unique and dependent on a large and diverse amont of data.

If you or a loved one has suffered any injury that is fully or partially the result of the negligence of another party or parties or is a work-related injury, contact us today to schedule a FREE initial consultation. There is no risk. If we don't win, you don't pay!

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